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MBA (Women in Leadership)

Dedicated to inspiring, developing and preparing women leaders of the future.



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2 years


Qatar campus

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About this course

Create opportunity and realise your potential with an MBA (Women in Leadership). Our programme will take you on a journey to become a forward thinking, strategic business leader. Designed to introduce you to the essential areas of business and management, you will study practical and relevant skills in leadership, operations, marketing, economics, strategy development and finance.

Applying business theory to the world of work, the course will deepen your understanding of organisations and the constantly changing environments in which they operate. An excellent opportunity to study alongside an international student body providing you with a diverse network to share ideas and experience.

The MBA is a well -respected and globally recognized qualification that remains a popular non-cognate postgraduate degree, highly valued by employers.

The MBA (Women in Leadership) is an enhanced MBA programme offered in partnership with Ulster University and The Institute of One World Leadership. It is unique in being the very first and only postgraduate programme in Qatar dedicated to inspiring, developing and preparing the women leaders of the future.

This 2-year, part-time programme will not only allow participants to gain an internationally recognised Master of Business Administration qualification from Ulster University (UK), but will enable an exclusive group of aspiring women leaders to complete an exciting and innovative personalised, self-development programme designed and delivered by a global partnership.

Through additional workshops, guest speakers, events and individualised coaching sessions it will provide a personalised programme of self-development underpinned by an e-portfolio that will form the basis of a personal roadmap to future leadership success.

Aimed at working professionals with business experience, the programme will provide deep insights into business practice and allow learners to immerse themselves into critical self-reflection and self-exploration in order to challenge themselves to become improved leaders in a changing world.


For the MBA, you will complete 11 separate units over a period of 4 semesters (2 years).

The qualification will be delivered in line with the University’s UK programme specifications and you will receive the Master of Business Administration award from Ulster University.

However, what makes this programme unique is that you will attend additional workshops and guest lecturers that will add value to your professional and personal learning experience. In addition, you will have the option of completing an online assessment towards becoming a Fellow of the Institute of One World Leadership.

Other than the final Project (30 credits), each unit is worth 15 credits each and the total number of credits to achieve the MBA is 180. You will study 3 units per semester, with a commitment to attend lectures/seminars up to 6 hours a week plus independent study time to complete assignments.

You will be required to attend a whole day induction workshop at the beginning of the course where you will learn about the programme, meet your fellow students, tutors and delivery partners and start to plan your learning journey. The additional 6 workshops will take place either over an evening or on a Saturday.

The additional Women in Leadership workshops are designed to provide you with an opportunity to interact with your peers and develop new thinking and approaches that will benefit both your personal and professional life. It will also be an opportunity to meet and hear from international women speakers.

For the MBA, students with an average mark of at least 50% across all assessable elements will be eligible for award. Students with an average mark of at least 60% across all assessable elements are eligible for award with Commendation.

Students with an average mark of at least 70% across all assessable elements are eligible for the award with Distinction

Academic Modules

Year 1

Accounting and Finance (15 credits)

The overall aim of the module is to introduce students to the key areas of financial and management accounting.

In order to achieve this, students will be exposed to some numerical calculations during the module. However, there will be significant emphasis passed on understanding the issues around the numbers and the context within which they are set. In particular, the assessment for the module will strike a balance between calculation, interpretation and discussion.

In summary, whilst it is not intended to equip students with a detailed knowledge to enable them to pursue a career in accounting, the module aims to take students to a point where they are capable of engaging in intelligent discussion with financial experts and to be able to grasp the big picture rather than get lost in the detail.

Managing People in the Organisation (15 credits)This module aims to enable students to develop knowledge and understanding of individual and group behaviour within organisations, and the core areas of Human Resource Management, and to be able to apply this knowledge and understanding in a range of organisational settings.

Operations Management (15 credits)In the dynamic environment in which businesses operate the importance of business improvement cannot be ignored. Customer focus through streamlining of value chains is imperative.

It presents challenges in terms of how we classify, relate to and manage the internal and external chain of customers. The ability to remove costs, optimise value creation, understand the competencies, and effectively reconfigure the organisation in the context of a continuous improvement philosophy is crucial.

Digital Transformation (15 credits)

This module aims to provide students with an understanding of digital transformation in a range of organisational contexts.

On successful completion of the module, a student will be able to: assess how digital technologies can disrupt industries by transforming industry value chains, patterns of demand and competitive pressures; understand how digital technologies and frameworks can be applied in a digital transformation strategy; understand the organisational and people capabilities required to support and implement a digital transformation strategy; and critically evaluate current practice and theory on digital transformation.

Strategy (15 credits)

This module is designed to introduce students to the key concepts in business strategy. On successful completion of this module students will have an in-depth knowledge of strategy; be able to conduct a strategic analysis of an organisation, its environment, and its future strategic options; understand the fundamentals of formulating an international strategy; appreciate some of the key issues associated with strategy implementation; and critically evaluate current theory and practice on strategy.

Marketing (15 credits)

This Marketing module focuses on the challenges management faces in developing and implementing both a marketing philosophy and successful marketing programmes. The critical importance of marketing arises from its role as the boundary function between the organisation and the marketplace. Changes in the market require changes from the company; changes made by the company create changes in the market. Marketing is concerned with managing this ever-changing relationship.

Year 2

Innovation and Entrepreneurship (15 credits)

Innovation and entrepreneurship are important drivers for value creation in modern economies. A central idea for both disciplines is the identification, evaluation and exploitation of opportunities.

This module presents a contemporary exploration of the nature
of innovation and entrepreneurship whilst also providing students with an opportunity to examine emerging sources of innovation in either a sector or organisational context.

Leadership and Change (15 credits)

This module will give you the knowledge and skills to be an effective leader. You will consider the key theories of leadership and consider their application in the context of leading organisational change.

Economics and the Business Environment (15 credits)

This module introduces managers to the principles of economics as they apply to the business environment and aims to enhance mangers' understanding of, and ability to adapt to, changes in the environments in which operate.

The module is designed to first explain the problem of scarcity of resources and then analyzes the demand - supply - equilibrium model of economic analysis. This is followed by an examination of the internal and external environments within which firms must operate, focusing on production, cost, profits, market conditions and the objectives of the firm.

In so doing, it illustrates a strategic approach to their business activity. A critical examination of the economic role of the government and a review of the macroeconomic environment complete the syllabus.

Management Studies and Research Methods (15 credits)

The entry understanding for this module is that students will likely have limited prior experience in designing or developing a management research project at postgraduate degree level in a business and management related subject.

This module will provide students with the primary knowledge necessary to prepare a research project. Management research and problem solving has become more eclectic.

Consequently, there is now a wider range of acceptable management research and problem-solving strategies that those engaged in management research can pursue.

Business Project (30 credits)

The Management Project enables students to apply the theoretical concepts encountered on the MBA to a live management issue. In doing so they choose appropriate research methodologies, gather data and make conclusions and recommendations to the host organisation.

The enhanced workshop elements designed to add value to your personal and professional(Please note that these are subject to change)

Year 1– Semester 1

Workshop 1 – The start of your journey (Induction: full day)

This full day induction will provide an opportunity to meet your fellow students and the MBA delivery team.

You will learn more about Ulster University and City University College, including the support and services you can access. You will learn how to access the extensive range of online resources available from Ulster University and get advice and tips on studying, researching and maximising your time.

You will be informed on the working of the Institute of One World Leadership, how to access your membership benefits and learn how to become a Fellow of the Institute during your time on the course.

Workshop 2 – The learning journey

This workshop will look at how you can be an effective learner and look at techniques to achieve good or better grades - whilst managing your precious time.

You will reflect on your first few weeks and start to create a development plan. There will be 1:1 coaching sessions and you will have an opportunity to share your professional experiences with others. This workshop will also introduce ‘communities of practice’ and show how they can benefit you and others.

Year 1– Semester 2

Workshop 3 – Building a better you

Think you know your strengths? This workshop will help you unravel the real you. This will be the time to begin to build your personal brand and how you can best utilise your skills, knowledge and experience.

You will examine what it is to be a ‘meta leader’ and what your leadership skills say about you and how you can refine them. You will see how Positive Value Leadership can benefit you in your professional career with the Institute of One World Leadership.

Workshop 4 – Positive mind and body

A healthy mind and body is crucial if you are to become a great leader. This workshop will look at how you can balance mind, body and spirit to become a better you. It will introduce the ‘growth mindset’ and how altering your outlook can have major impact.

The Institute of One World Leadership will cover key topics of their model and ask the question: ‘how Value’able are you?’ This workshop will also show the effect of mindfulness and introduce health and wellbeing techniques.

Year 2– Semester 1

Workshop 5 – Perfecting your leadership credentials

This workshop will examine how to lead change and address difficult situations. It will address the ‘Value of Leadership’ and how you can communicate your personal and professional vision. Become more confident at public speaking and making presentations.

Workshop 6 – Leading from the front

You are a confident leader but how can you take others with you? Being assertive and consistent is a key element of being a confident leader. This workshop will show how you can use your leadership skills to influence others and make a difference. You will also look at how you can become an environmentally conscious leader at the same time.

Year 2– Semester 2

Workshop 7 – A journey, not a destination

This final workshop will come at a time when you will be focusing on your MBA project. This workshop will assist you in planning, preparing and delivering your project assignment and how to get the best out of your time.

The Institute will assess your value and contribution to society and look at your long term personal and professional plans. Finally, this will be a time to reflect on what you have covered and achieved so far on the programme.

Entry requirements

  • IELTS 6.0 with no less than 5.5 in any one band or equivalent such as the Ulster University Password English Placement Test
  • 2.2 Honours or equivalent
  • Minimum of 2 years work experience

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