Senior Lecturer Business - Full time

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Office Location:

Barwa Commercial Avenue



Reports to:

Head of Academics


Sponsored / Unsponsored

Hours of work:

As per university policy

Job Purpose

  • Provide high quality teaching and access to learning, teaching a range of courses to students
  • Contribute to course design, development and review
  • Share best practice and ideas for improvement in identified areas

Key Relationships

  • Internal: Ulster University, CuC employees, Artan group employees
  • External: students, parents, guardians, families, etc
  • Supervision Received from: Principal and Head of Academics

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Undertake teaching activities in the curriculum area, ensuring high quality of provision, in response to learners’ needs and in line with professional teaching standards
  • Be responsible to the Head of Academics for an agreed teaching programme in Business and other related areas
  • Teach Business / ICT programmes but may be required to teach on any other course offered by the University for which the post holder is appropriately qualified
  • Work collaboratively and innovatively with managers and colleagues to design, develop, manage and review programmes in the curriculum area
  • Develop course materials, schemes of work, group profiles etc. as required and make these available prior to course starting dates and are made available through the university's shared information systems
  • Deliver academic tutorials to provide students with feedback on progress and formative guidance on how to improve performance to assure success
  • Maintain records of work and student attendance, progress and assessment in accordance with approved procedures and will provide them as requested by Student Services Department, Head of Academics, Head of Operations and the Principal
  • Undertake assessment and internal verification activities in accordance with the requirements of the relevant qualifications awarding bodies and the University’s internal quality assurance procedures
  • Keep up to date with research in own field and participate in University research programmes
  • Ensure all Health and Safety procedures are followed and assist in the maintenance of high standards of Health and Safety throughout the University
  • Contribute fully to the co-ordination, development, promotion and delivery of the range of courses offered by the University as required and will promote, manage and develop appropriate short courses as led by market forces or local/national needs
  • Participate in the promotion of courses including marketing events, dealing with course enquiries and recruitment to courses, etc
  • Work experience is an integral part of many courses and the post holder will be expected to assist in finding and monitoring work experience placements and in liaising with employers and the University to provide quality links.
  • Assist in ensuring that expected standards of students’ behaviour are adhered to
  • Participate in/arrange approved student visits, trips etc as and when required in accordance with University procedures
  • Attend staff meetings, meetings with moderators/verifiers, parents' evenings, industry updating/staff development and training events etc. as required by the Head of Academics
  • Ensure Information Learning Technology (ILT) is a driving force to create an efficient and effective working and learning environment
  • Embed within all learning activities the opportunity to improve students English and Maths
  • Regularly evaluate course inputs through course teams, staff development and student feedback
  • In accordance with the University’s quality procedures, implement and monitor the self-assessment process and ensure continuous quality improvement of standards of performance in teaching and learning
  • Participate in the University’s Appraisal and Review process
  • Work in accordance with the University’s Equality and Diversity Policy at all times
  • Commit to and uphold, the University’s Environmental Policies and aspirations for sustainable learning provision
  • Undertake other duties as may be determined from time to time within the general scope of the post


  • Ambition to be part of an exciting venture and a willingness to contribute to the delivery of the Strategic Plan through high quality teaching, research and reflective practice.
  • Credibility to liaise with senior education professionals.
  • Ability to build and maintain effective teacher/learner relationship with students.
  • Highly developed understanding of the demands of maintaining good cross-cultural, interpersonal and relationships.
  • High-level communication and presentation skills.
  • Be an effective team player.


  • Bachelor’s degree in a relevant Business discipline from a recognized university. We are looking for candidates who can offer knowledge of contemporary business theory and application relevant to the fast changing business world.
  • A postgraduate award at Master’s degree level or above in a business or management related discipline.
  • Native speaker of English or, if not, have current IELTS 7.5 Academic certification.


Candidates should possess a portfolio of Commercial or Business experience in addition to their teaching experience.

Prior working knowledge of BTec programs offered by Pearson.

Proven experience of teaching UK RQF Levels 4 – 7 in a higher education institution.

Prior work experience in the GCC or in a UK-style HE university environment.

Proven work experience in a UK, Western European, Australian, New Zealand, South African or Canadian HE university working at the same levels.

Senior Lecturer positions require experience of successful performance in posts of increasing responsibility involving supervision of teaching staff and /or curriculum management for a minimum of four years. Senior Lecturers must have demonstrable ability to prepare and oversee implementation of program development plans, and assess colleagues work.