Sponsorships and Scholarships

Ask about possible sponsorships and scholarships to support Qatari and non-Qatari students.

Ulster University Qatar offers scholarships to students who demonstrate academic excellence in their field of studies.

Under its widening participation and access programme to Higher Education; Ulster University Qatar allows students whose families may be experiencing challenging financial circumstances at this time to benefit from our scholarship initiatives and may obtain support in relation to university fees.

Students can apply for a scholarship in which applications are assessed individually - to be eligible, candidates must meet the following criteria:

  • hold a Qatari passport or residency permit
  • be in receipt of an offer to study at Ulster University, Qatar
  • meet the entry criteria and conditions

Qatari Students

As part of the Qatarisation strategy, if you are a Qatari national, you
can benefit from the scholarship/ sponsorship programmes related to private companies and governmental entities where the company hires you under the programme, pays your tuition fees and provides you with a monthly allowance. Once you receive an offer from us, you can start your search for potential sponsors.

If you are a Qatari employee, you can check with your company’s HR department to find out whether the scholarship programme is available to you.

If you will be receiving sponsorship from a company, please make sure to submit the letter directly in a sealed, stamped envelope or through the company via email to admissions@ulsteruniversity.edu.qa

If this document is not in English, it must be submitted along with an officially certified English translation.

Tuition fees are then paid by the sponsor in line with the University’s payment policy. Students who are not sponsored can ask about our flexible payment plans.

Non Qatari Students

Early bird advance payment
A 10% discount is available when you paid your tuition fees in full on, or before, the first date of installment.

Flexible payment
To help spread the cost of your studies, tuition fees can be paid in instalments while you learn. Please check with our Finance department regarding special payment plans.

Please notify finance at finance@ulsteruniversity.edu.qa for bank transfer payment by emailing a copy of the bank transfer together with the corresponding invoice number.